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  JODIC Issued the 2012 Annual Report    The Cabinet approved the draft of the amended JODIC's Law   Deposit Insurance for Islamic Banks    The Cabinet approved the increase of the coverage limit to become JD (50000) as of 1/1/2011   New Website Under Construction

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Welcome to the web site of Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation JODIC. This web site is designed to provide the visitor with valuable information regarding JODIC: its business nature, law and the deposit protection it provides to depositors.

This Corporation is an independent public corporation, which was established on September 2000, to reimburse depositors up to JD 50,000 per depositor per bank if a bank fails*.
To be eligible for insurance, your deposits must be in Jordanian Dinar. As an insured depositor, you do not have to apply for insurance, or incur any insurance expenses whatsoever. Being a depositor at a branch of any member bank operating in the country suffices you to be insured.

Latest News
Mar, 25 2015
 Regional Conference of Deposit Insurance Systems
Oct, 22 2013
 JODIC Issued the 2012 Annual Report
Jun, 06 2013
 The Cabinet approved the draft of the amended JODIC's Law
Oct, 07 2012
 Deposit Insurance for Islamic Banks
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