Welcome Note

Welcome to the website of Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation (JODIC), through which we provide the visitor with valuable information regarding JODIC's business nature and mandates stipulated in its Law.

JODIC was established on September 17th, 2000 as a financially and administratively independent public Corporation. It aims at protecting depositors with banks by insuring their deposits in accordance with the provisions of JODIC’s Law in order to encourage savings and strengthen confidence in the banking system, and contribute to maintaining banking and financial stability in the Kingdom.

The Corporation’s Law was amended in April 2019 to include Islamic banks under the deposit insurance umbrella by establishing the Deposit Insurance Fund for Islamic Banks. The Fund insures deposits at Islamic Banks in accordance with the provisions of the amended JODIC's Law and Shariah Principles.

The deposit insurance umbrella insures deposits denominated in Jordanian Dinars held at banks operating in the Kingdom with a prompt reimbursement up to 50,000 (fifty thousand Jordanian Dinars) per depositor per bank that the Central Bank of Jordan decides to liquidate.

As an eligible depositor, JODIC and the Fund provide direct insurance for your deposit

 without submitting a formal request and without incurring any insurance expenses.

It’s our pleasure to receive your valuable comments and inquiries.